Arrowhead ID: Unveiling the Mysteries of Ancient Relics

Arrowhead ID is an intuitive and comprehensive app that allows users to identify and learn about arrowheads, points, and other ancient relics, providing insights into their historical significance and cultural origins, making archaeology accessible and engaging for all.

We Are “Arrowhead ID”

The creation and use of tools are considered one of the fundamental core traits and defining characteristics of our species. It is an established fact that our early ancestors may have been utilizing tools as far back as 2.6 million years ago. More recently in North America, there is clear evidence of hunting instruments going back 13,000 years. Where did those tools go? The truth is they are found in many different places. According to the highly respected Rock Seeker website, relics such as arrowheads, points, and other man-made tools dating back millenniums are being discovered by creeks, rivers, and woodlands fairly consistently. Yet, many of those remarkable finds and the historical era they come from may not be easy to identify. Today, there is an app that describes and teaches you the origin of your discoveries.  Introducing, the Arrowhead ID app.

Educational and knowledge-sharing

Arrowhead ID is an educational and knowledge-sharing platform that distinguishes the different arrowheads, points, and other ancient relics you may have discovered or are interested in learning more about. Arrowhead ID can pinpoint the time period of your artifacts ranging from the Paleo to Archaic and Woodland eras.

History from the different Native American traditions

You will also learn some history from the different Native American traditions including Adena, Hopewell, and Fort Ancient cultures. Arrowhead ID is simple to use. Simply take a picture of the historical object and all the relative information you are interested in will appear. Arrowhead ID is the go-to source for novice collectors, surface hunters, Universities as well as professional and amateur archaeologists.

Expand the science of archaeology

The Arrowhead ID app is developed by, Danny Pritchard and Jamie Lambert, who collectively have 100 years of experience as amateur archaeologists. They state, “Our goal with Arrowhead ID is to expand the science of archaeology in particular to the younger generations. How cool is it to be able to pick up something and the last person to touch it existed thousands of years ago.” Download Arrowhead ID on IOS and Android and with the click of a picture yesterday’s tools will become today’s treasures.

App Features

  • Image Recognition: Instant Artifact Identification

    Use the power of image recognition technology to quickly identify and classify arrowheads, points, and other ancient relics by simply taking a photo, providing accurate information about their type, age, and cultural background.

  • Historical Timeline: Journey Through Ancient Eras

    Explore a dynamic timeline that spans from the Paleo to Archaic and Woodland eras, allowing users to trace the historical context of their discovered artifacts and gain a deeper understanding of the civilizations and cultures that thrived during those periods.

  • Cultural Insights: Native American Traditions Unveiled

    Delve into the rich traditions and practices of Native American cultures, such as Adena, Hopewell, and Fort Ancient, with detailed information on the significance of artifacts within each tradition, providing a comprehensive educational experience.

  • Community Forum: Connect with Fellow Enthusiasts

    Engage with a vibrant community of novice collectors, surface hunters, archaeologists, and enthusiasts to share discoveries, discuss historical insights, seek expert advice, and foster a sense of camaraderie among individuals passionate about ancient relics and archaeology.



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